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Benefits of Listening to Music

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Of course, the choice in music can dictates the type of mood you are in, that's why its very wise to have alternatives (to your selection of the songs) because we want you in a positive mood.

I have different playlists made for my many moods.

Music is something which can not just make you feel relax but also gives you a better mood. Many people has mentioned about the benefits of Music in different ways.

Here's a few

Music improves our health by relieving us of stress. It has been proven scientifically that listening to music decreases the hormone "cortisol" responsible for stress; Thus, drastically relieving us of stress and since stress is the main(60%) causes of our diseases and illnesses, music indirectly heals us of our diseases.

When listening to music, we should endeavor to actively participate in it by singing along, dancing along and even playing musical instruments along, as this will maximize its stress relieving effect.

2.Music greatly enhances our sleeping effect: Are you the one suffering from a recurrent insomnia, always finding it difficult to sleep at night, why not try listening to a very cool music before sleeping at night. In fact, one of the recent studies shows that students that listened to relaxing classical music for at least 45 minutes before going to bed slept significantly better than students who listened to just an audiobook or did nothing different from their normal routine.

3. Music helps in strengthening our Learning and Memory Capability: Depending on you being a musician or not. An experiment conducted recently concerning this showed that participants who were Non-musicians learned better with positive music but tested better with neutral music. Musicians on the other hand learned better with neutral music but tested better when pleasurable music was being played.

4. Music Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Remember: that because music affects so many areas of the brain, it stimulates pathways that may still be healthy. Meaning that music could help those suffering from dementia remember who they are. Also, in order to connect with loved ones who suffer from age-related dementia, we should try playing some of their best-loved music.

5. Music improves our IQ and Academic performance: It has been proven that music lessons greatly enhance academic performance and IQ in young children. One study reveals that 6-year-olds who took keyboard or singing lessons in small groups for at least 36 weeks had larger increases in IQ and standardized educational test results than children who took either drama lessons or no lessons. The singing group did the best.

To help yourself achieve academic excellence, do well to always listen to good music or learn to play an instrument.

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