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Anti EMF Radiation Tourmaline Pendant

Anti EMF Radiation Tourmaline Pendant


Here at Very Wise Alternatives Inc, Herbalist Viola Cares about your health and offers the Round Anti EMF Radiation Tourmaline Pendant. We understand that many people are unaware of  the effect EMF Radiation has on their bodies. They do not understand the impact and do not struggle with symptoms from exposure.

  • Product Information

    But we are VERY concerned about those who have EHS – Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – Just dealing with the symptoms caused by EMF is truly a daily struggle.


    We understand that event though you don’t feel the effects of EMF, it does not mean that it isn’t taking a toll on your body.


    Thankfully, We have lots of ways to fight against the radiation and the health risks from negative frequencies or energies.


    The first line of defense or barrier for your body is a  high-quality EMF Protection Pendant.


    EMF blockers are designed to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which are generated by electronic devices and other sources of electromagnetic radiation. The purpose of using EMF blockers can vary depending on the individual's needs and preferences, but some of the common reasons include:


    Health concerns: Some people are concerned about the potential health effects of prolonged exposure to EMFs, such as headaches, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

    Electromagnetic sensitivity: Some people suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity (ES), a condition in which they experience physical symptoms from exposure to EMFs.

    Protection from harmful radiation: EMF blockers are used to reduce exposure to radiation emitted by electronic devices and other sources, such as cell phone towers, microwave ovens, and Wi-Fi routers.

    Privacy protection: EMF blockers can also be used to protect personal privacy and sensitive information from electronic eavesdropping and hacking.

    Improved sleep quality: EMFs are believed to disrupt the natural sleep patterns, and some people use EMF blockers to improve their sleep quality.

    In summary, the purpose of using EMF blockers is to reduce exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation and protect against potential health risks, as well as to improve sleep quality and protect privacy.

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